For parents

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A parents guide to not losing your sh*t

6 evenings of unfiltered conversation

Dates: July 18th - August 22nd
984 Laurel Ave (behind Canoe)
What’s included:
New friends/attendees can expect light fair, beverages (coffee/tea, kombucha, wine and beer), resource book, and notebook for sessions!
$250 for all 6 sessions

From working on the front lines with youth, educators, and counsellors, we’ve noticed the key team in supporting our youth is being left behind: parents.

There needs to be a place where you - the parents - get to be part of the conversation. There needs to be a place where you can fully say ‘I don’t know how to ask this’, or ‘I don’t know if they’re okay’ and not be met with judgment or shame. We don’t deal in shame - we deal in real.

So what are you being served here? That’s a great question.

Our parent series! Put on multiple times throughout the year, in 6 parts… Because an hour is never enough. If you are the parent or guardian of a youth between the ages of 10-16 (parents of younger or older youth also always welcome), here is what we move through in our evenings together!

Self Advocacy and Resilience
Date: Thursday, July 18th

We will explore how to open up the conversation of self-esteem and self-worth with your youth. Parents will be provided with strategies and tools to connect and empower their child in developing self-identity and resilience. 

Healthy Relationships 
Date: Tuesday, July 23rd

Is your youth struggling with their peers? Do you know how to navigate supporting the changing friendship and relationship dynamics of youth? We open the floor to conversation, and provide you with tools and activities to walk away and help your child feel empowered with their relationships and communication skills! 

Mental Health Support
Date: Thursday, July 25th

We will be addressing how to recognize if something is off with your youth, easy conversations to start getting to the bottom of what your child needs, ways to promote a healthy mind, and what does help look like here in Kelowna? Leave with up to date facts, what we're seeing in schools, tools, and resources of support! Special guests within the mental health field to join us. 

Sex and Gender
Date: Thursday, August 8th

Take the conversations we shy away from, and lean in with up to date information, and understanding! Empower your youth with education and self advocacy when it comes to knowing their own body, sexuality, and consent. Hear from Director of Education at Kelowna Pride, Davina and Carrie   Broughton of Transparent. 

Technology and The Impact
Date: Thursday, August 15th

Don't just hear about the dangers of social media, learn to feel empowered with supporting and educating yourself and your child. Learn how to recognize problematic behaviours with your child and technology, and most importantly — how to change them.

Action Planning in Community
Date: Thursday, August 22nd

They say it takes a village to help raise a child, but have you ever found yourself wondering: where is this village?!?! We won’t leave you in question. This evening is a facilitated exploration of community services offered to youth and parents, and we will support participants in leaving with a network they feel confident will support them. 

If you would like to submit questions prior to the event - please do so here.