For parents


A parents guide to not losing your sh*t

6 evenings of unfiltered conversation

What’s included:

Night 1 - Building Self Worth and Resilience in Youth
Night 2 - Empowering Healthy Relationships for Youth
Night 3 - Social Media and Online Behaviours of Youth
Night 4 - Mental Health Differences and Concerns
Night 5 - Sex and Gender
Night 6 - ———

From working on the front lines with youth, educators, and counsellors, we’ve noticed the key team in supporting our youth is being left behind: parents.

There needs to be a place where you - the parents - get to be part of the conversation. There needs to be a place where you can fully say ‘I don’t know how to ask this’, or ‘I don’t know if they’re okay’ and not be met with judgment or shame. We don’t deal in shame - we deal in real.

So what are you being served here? That’s a great question.

Our parent series! Put on multiple times throughout the year, in 6 parts… Because an hour is never enough. If you are the parent or guardian of a youth between the ages of 10-16 (parents of younger or older youth also always welcome), here is what we move through in our evenings together!

Our parent series exist to highlight the most asked about and talked about subjects in the lives of our youth. This isn’t a parenting course; there is no ‘method’. There’s only empowered conversation, education, and relevant resources to what youth are currently experiencing and moving through.

Our series dives into how to talk to youth about: self worth, creating healthy relationships, respecting online spaces, technology’s impact on mental health and social behaviour, helping youth move through their challenges, and how to talk about sex and gender.

After we’ve moved through all these subjects together the last thing we would want to do is leave you hanging, so we provide you with resource packages, further opportunities to connect with other parents, and a direct line to Kathleen of Nine Rising anytime you have a question. If we don’t know the answer to support you, we most definitely know a person or a resource who does!

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