For Schools


For schools

Our favourite place to be is in a classroom, and that’s why we’ve been facilitating character education and emotional literacy programs and workshops there for the past 8 years! From retreats to one off workshops, monthly, weekly, or semester based programs — we’ve done it all!

How do we work? Each school community is different! So even though we have a long list of workshops that we put on, and continue to do, we first like speaking with administrators and educators on the needs of their students to make sure it is customized to meeting our youth with where they are at.

Here is the list of workshops we facilitate, and we do them WELL. Self advocacy and self esteem, healthy relationships, sexual health and consent education, gender roles and stereotypes, boundaries, technology and cyber psychology, mental health. We have put on day retreats, overnight retreats, 2 day retreats, 3 day retreats… all the retreats, all for empathy and relational building!

We work with youth (typically) from grade 6 to grade 12. All workshops are facilitated in Peacemaking Circle, unless otherwise required by school, or to meet the needs of specific classes.

Our priority is to support you and your school community, so depending on the subject or what is going to (honestly) fit into your already crammed schedule of core subjects and requirements, our workshops are typically 1-1.5 hours, and some require follow ups. We do not believe in being the bandaid to the problem. We want to leave your youth feeling like they have had the opportunity to listen, reflect, advocate, and practice new tools to allow them to thrive.