For youth


We’re not down to shove a powerpoint in your face and tell you how to act.

In the past 8 years of youth work we’ve been keeping it as real as your finsta. Wanna talk about self-esteem? That’s not a conversation about the 10 ways and breathing techniques to love yourself. We’re here to talk about the waves, and how do you show up in the world for yourself even when you’re not feeling like a 10/10. But to be clear, yes you’re the 100 (emoji) always.

Healthy relationships? We love them. But when that old lady comes in and tells you how to resist peer pressure, and you feel like this hour may go on forever and some chainsmokers lyric starts replaying in your head… We’re here to be your SOS. Because we’d rather know how to get into an argument with a friend without having to text it, or the friendship ending in World War III of people turning against you and you’re eating your bologna sandwich in the bathroom mean girls style… Just my worry? Cheers. Let’s talk about setting boundaries that you’re down for, and not sounding like you just read an inspirational quote to do it.

The sex talk? We won’t even begin to tell you how inaccurate the one we were given was. All we’ll say is we got DM’s from ours on how rad it was, and that it was the first time our youth didn’t feel like running for the hills when we talked about puberty, genitalia, discharge, erections, and consent. We want you to think of your body and not be mortified, scared, or intimated, we want you to think about your body and be stoked.

Mental health? We got your back.

What do I actually need to know about things that exist online? Because I get it, you know more about how to use the internet than we do… We just also know what habits to avoid so it doesn’t long term mess with your psyche. You feel me?

You are not wrong in what you think, what you know, and how you feel. You are brilliant.

If you want us to come into the classroom it’s just the double high five (emoji) to you forever.

How do you bring us in? A few ways: send us an email, shoot us a DM, show our website or Instagram to your: principal, counsellor, or teacher… Whatever you want! We’re happy to meet, connect and hang!


Not your gossip Girl -- Kathleen.