Down with the cisterhood

If you’re reading this and it’s lost on you what cisterhood is, let’s break it down:

Cis-terhood is when we claim an act, an event, a product, a person, is for sisterhood, yet it only includes cisgender (and TBH mostly white women). It’s exclusive, it’s white supremacy, it’s the patriarchy in action, and it’s a party we don’t want to be invited to.

We’re here for real sisterhood: supporting our trans women, our women of colour, our femmes, our non-binary folx, all womxn.

When we celebrate, educate, advocate, and listen — we need to make sure it’s for our sister first, not our cisters. Let’s pass the microphone and the power to our most marginalized women, amplify and act in accompliceship to what is needed so that we have equity for all of our sisters. 

If you get the warm fuzzies from the above, which we hope you do, then know that all profits from these sweaters are going to support our local Gender Identity Group here in Kelowna to provide them with art programming this summer of 2019.

Keep it fresh, fun, and intersectional.

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Photography by Kayla Mann