The name


The name Nine Rising?

Ahhh, the name. Thanks for asking.

We didn’t want our company to sound like League of Legends RISING… So what did we do? Thought of all the qualities of humanity that we wanted to rise for everyone to thrive at being themselves. We wanted compassion, empathy, no time for prejudice or social bias, connections between all humankind, non-binary love duh. Most of all: the pure intentions of showing up for your people, and knowing that everyone is your people... Because that’s where it’s at.

So why Nine? After lengthy looks for a word to encapsulate all that, there just wasn’t. Thanks to Google, we found out a lot about numbers and numerology, and nine really held it down for us in representing what we’re about… Want to find out more? Google that number 9! Or follow this link. We’re busy rising baby.