Full day:

The empire wasn’t built in a day, but our deep dive into your corporate culture, and support in your staff is doable. This day your staff will gain insight and empathy for their peers, mixed in with an understanding of inclusion and diversity: starting with what it really means in action and application. How do we make sure that sexual and gender minorities are heard, seen and supported? What does it look like to have those conversations of accountability around mental health in the workplace? How do I speak with inclusion at the forefront and create a transparent corporate culture to empower me team to constantly raise the bar for how we do business ethically, and well.

Let’s inject some good equity and accountability into this place!

Half Day:

Our sensitivity training is a corporate overview of what your team needs to be aware of when it comes to conducting business. How do they show up in their work environment? What language can we no longer use in good conscious when we know it can be further harming and oppressing marginalized populations of people? What does it look like to conduct meetings that allow a process for everyone to share their strong points? We assume that people know how to come into a meeting and get the best outcome, but what unconscious biases are standing in the way that interrupt us from allowing everyone to perform and be heard at the highest level of their contribution. By the end of this we’ll have gone from “sensitivity training” to accomliceship, no doubt.

*note: timelines for these workshops can be altered, please fill out intake form and we’ll note what times are most ideal for your team.


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