It’s worth the read.

Our corporate workshops are an overview of what your team needs to be aware of when it comes to conducting business in the current societal landscape. We will conduct a deep dive into your corporate culture, and support your staff in gaining insight and empathy for their peers. Your team will explore the terms and meanings of real inclusion and diversity: starting with addressing unconscious biases, and what inclusivity and equity look like in action.

We will reflect on how we present ourselves in our work environment, the contribution or lack-there-of the language we choose is, and how our actions could be further harming and oppressing our marginalized and oppressed colleagues, clients, and community members. Members of your work community will come to question: What biases or beliefs are standing in the way that interrupt us from allowing everyone to perform and be heard at the highest level of their contribution? By the end of this we’ll have gone from “sensitivity training” to accomliceship, no doubt.

As a leader, you will leave with support in answering for your business: How do I speak with inclusion at the forefront and create a transparent corporate culture to empower my team to constantly raise the bar for how we do business ethically, and do it well?

Our workshops are half or full day, and are geared towards your specific environment and community. Please fill out our intake form if all this sounds fantastic, and if you have more questions, do not hesitate to fire us off an email, we will happily get back to you as soon as possible.

*note: timelines for these workshops can be altered, please fill out intake form and we’ll note what times are most ideal for your team.


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